Prospect for Future Education Reform and Development
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Prospect for Future Education Reform and Development
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Prospect for Future Education Reform

and Development

  Since opening, we have supplied a lot of competitive personnel with moral sense and intellectual capability in the past 12 years. However, our graduates were far less than the flourishing demand of the society. We have to further reform our educational concepts, mechanism, operating institution, and schooling modes. As the policy of “Two Exempt and One Subsidy” in compulsory education was implemented all over the country, even the students in poor areascan go to school. There is no longer urgent need for the non-governmental organizations to help promote universal access to compulsory education. The great population pressure needs to be transferred into human resource advantage, which is an important means to raise our overall national strength and build a harmonious society, and which is also the inevitable requirement for us to implement the education policy of the party, obey the rules of education and realize the integrated, coordinated and sustainable development of our education cause. In order to further accelerate the reform and development of vocational education in ethnic minority areas, our school decided to change our schooling modes and offer featured vocational education. According to the Decision on Intensifying Vocational Education by the State Council, we should “keep employment as our orientation to deepen vocational education reform”, so as to improve vocational education, solve the difficulty of technology learning of farmer and herdsman youth and of the employment of graduates from middle school and high school, and further improve the overall competence and employment opportunity of herdsmen’s children. In conformity with the reality of ethnic minority areas, we should raise the competence and vocational service of labors, make full use of the fine vocational education resources and employment market in those areas, and further promote cooperation in schooling between different schools, between school and enterprise and between school and government. To meet various demands, we should actively promote the combination of diploma and non-diploma education, of full-time and part-time schedule, and of before-career and after-career education, and explore flexible, diversified and open ways to build our school into a demonstration vocational school with ethnic characteristics.

  On March 7, 2006, the National Association of Vocational Education of China (NAVEC) admitted our school as a group member through its 04 documents of 2006 by the Association’s organizing committee. At the same time, Machen County of Golok, Qinghai was listed as an aiding object in a pilot program in NAVED’s Warmth Project.

  NAVEC is founded by the famous educationist Huang Yanpei, together with 48 social celebrities such as Cai Yuanpei, Liang Qichao, Zhang Jian, and Song Hanzhang in Shanghai in May 6, 1917. Its major tasks are: carrying out research and experiment on vocational education, promoting reform and development of vocational education, publicizing relevant policies of the government on vocational education, participating in the implementation of policies of rejuvenating the country through science and education and raise the national strength through educating talented people, assisting the government, playing the role of an education agent, supporting non-governmental vocational education, and making cooperation and exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries.

  Premier Wen Jiabao made a notification to NAVEC Warmth Project on July 15, 2005. Li Lanqing used to praise NAVEC Warmth Project “a good thing for the country and the people”. Liu Yandong placed great expectation to this Project and emphasized many times that “this project contributes to the stability and comfort of our people and is well received by the people; it should be done well and cover a larger extent” and “the Warmth Project should be implemented for the benefits of the people; it will serve as an effective way to promote reform, development and stability”. Cheng Siwei, vice-chairman of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and director of NAVEC, said: “we should build this Warmth Project into a famous brand for NAVEC and do some real things for the society”. Our school, as the only group member in NAVED, should give scope to its unique advantages in social welfare sector, and make the Project a vocational education model with ethnic characteristics, which will benefit the people in need, and contribute to the socialist harmony society.

duty editor:  Kha Sherubgyatso     Gongdor     Bha Nongdol     Whanshel Gyamyang

duty editor: Kha Sherubgyatso Bha Nongdol Whanshel Gyamyang

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  Prospect for Future Education Reform and Development   Critics: ggg time:2017/4/2
  Prospect for Future Education Reform and Development   Critics: ggg time:2017/4/2
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